Welcome to Place of Rescue

Place of Rescue is a safe haven for families living with AIDS, orphan children and orphan grannies and young unmarried pregnant women.



Rescue was founded as a Cambodian NGO in 2003. At that time all we had were 15 houses for AIDS families.


Today Place of Rescue I near Bek Chan is home to 220 orphans and 25 destitute elderly women. In addition, we have 48 more children who are part of 22 families ( 22 mothers and 3 fathers ) living with AIDS.


In Phnom Penh 28 young people make their home at House of New Dreams, 15 are in university, 13 in grade 12. 


Place of Rescue II located in Mongkol Borey, in northern Cambodia is home to 131 orphans.


In the province of Pailin, bordering Thailand, there are 45 children at Place of Rescue III.


As of April 2014, that makes Rescue totally responsible for 522 people cared for by a staff of more than 100 people.


NEW CHILDREN’S BOOK: SAME SAME but DIFFERENT Named after the celebrated Country Music singer Paul Brandt, little Paul, who has AIDS, is growing up gently cared for and greatly loved at Place of  Rescue.  This is his story as told by Paul Brandt to his young son, Joe.  Get your copy by contacting Blaine Sylvester at placeofrescue@shaw.ca.

How many kramas did you see in the book? There are 23 kramas

Current Prayer Requests

Praise and Prayer for April 2014



Praise the Lord:


1.  One of the baby girls who had AIDS went to be with Jesus.  Thank the Lord for her care-giver Phalla who loved her.


2.  We are addressing the problems of broken relationships and trusting the Lord Jesus to bring healing.


3.  We took Samnang to Bumrungrad hospital in Bangkok and a good pediatrician will give her a thorough check up with an MRI later this month.


4.  We have some applications for staff.


5.  Our English teachers are doing fine and are such a blessing to us.


6.  We received 5 siblings at Place of Rescue in Pailin.


7.  Two teen girls who were suspended for 3 months are back with good promises concerning future behavior.


8.  Sarah, our little 3 yr. old with no forearms is learning new things all the time.  She can write letters on the white board with a felt pen now.



Please help us pray:


1.   Annual 3 Days of Prayer next week April 7, 8 and 9.  Join us to pray for much blessing and victory.


2.  A teen boy who constantly steals needs to be delivered. 


3.  Annual Beach Trip April 110 and 11.   About 500 of us from Place of Rescue I, II and III and from House of New Dreams will all go to the beach together.  Please pray for good co-operation and for safety.


4.  The board of Place of Rescue in Canada will have their annual meeting on April 12.  May it be a time of much insight and understanding and joy as they consider all that the Lord has done.


5.  Cambodian New Year April 14 – 16.  Many of our children, adult AIDS patients and Grannies will go to visit relatives.   May they be kept physically and spiritually safe.


6.  April 21 – 24.  Samnang will be checked at Bumrungard hospital in Bangkok.  May the doctors find out the best way to help her to achieve her potential.


7. Two English teachers, Laura Woon and Jessica Peterson will be leaving and a new teacher, Cathie McIntyre, will be coming at the end of April.  May Laura and Jessica finish well and may Cathie adjust well.  Vidya is staying and also appreciates your prayers.


8.  No progress yet concerning the possibility of Sarah going to Canada.


9. I am planning a trip to Canada to visit family and friends May 9 to June 24.  I would like to also be able to tell the story of Rescue along the way.  Pray that some opportunities will come up.


10. Ask the Lord to show us if there are children at Place of Rescue who are hurting or sad so they may be helped. 


11.  Ask Him to bring to us any children, adults coping with AIDS or Grannies who are suffering and need to be here.  Pray for good adjustment for new comers.


12.  A family – a father and mother with AIDS and two children, one also infected will join us after Cambodian New Year.