Welcome to Place of Rescue

Place of Rescue is a safe haven for families living with AIDS, orphan children and orphan grannies and young unmarried pregnant women.



Rescue was founded as a Cambodian NGO in 2003. At that time all we had were 15 houses for AIDS families.


Today Place of Rescue I near Bek Chan is home to 220 orphans and 25 destitute elderly women. In addition, we have 48 more children who are part of 22 families ( 22 mothers and 3 fathers ) living with AIDS.


In Phnom Penh 28 young people make their home at House of New Dreams, 15 are in university, 13 in grade 12. 


Place of Rescue II located in Mongkol Borey, in northern Cambodia is home to 131 orphans.


In the province of Pailin, bordering Thailand, there are 45 children at Place of Rescue III.


As of April 2014, that makes Rescue totally responsible for 522 people cared for by a staff of more than 100 people.


Current Prayer Requests

Praise and Prayer for February 2015


1.  Srey Dau and Yanchee’s wedding was on Feb. 5, a very happy affair.


2. Rescue management committee made many good decisions concerning the students living at House of New Dreams to help them use their time better.


3.  Rescue office was moved from the Orphanage property to a place in Phnom Penh next door to the House of New Dreams girls’ residence.


4.  We hired a new accountant.  Veasna seems to know what she will need to do.


5.  We received new people into Place of Rescue I and II.   One mother who has AIDS and her two little children, one Granny, three babies, one of which has a hair-lip and the other a cleft palette and one boy of 7.


6.  The Red Cross provided a 35-seater bus for us. 


7.  We netted about 1,000 pounds of fish from our pond.  Our ducks are producing more than 1,000 eggs in a month.  We have sold pigeons.   The vegetable garden is growing many kinds of nourishing organic veggies.


8.  A wonderful pastor, Johnny Khen, who has helped us with youth camp in the past, will begin discipling our students in Phnom Penh.


9.  We only have only 2 children left to be sponsored.  That means we have nearly 500 children sponsored now.



Please join us in prayer



1.  Our students studying in Phnom Penh face many temptations.   One is 3 months pregnant so will be leaving to get married.  Most of them find it hard to settle down and study.


2.  We very much need dorm assistants in both boys and girls House of New Dreams residences.


3.  Pray for Chantrea, one of our house mothers we had to let go because of stealing and unkindness to the children.  May she come to repentence.


4.  It has been difficult for the children from Chantreas house.  Pray that this experience with their mother will not harm them too much in the long run.


5.  We need a new house-mother for Place of Rescue I and two for Place of Rescue III.


6.  A while ago the company that supplies Paul Brandt’s hats gave us cowboy hats for all the children just for fun.  So on Feb. 21 we hope to have a fun time showing videos of cowboys, listening to cowboy music (Paul Brandt no doubt)  Some of the kids will dance a country line dance and some will sing a cowboy song.  Paul videod a greeting for us.  We will end the day with grilled beef and bread. 


7.  One of our young men, aged 20, has decided to stop studying grade 11 and has left to be a boxer.  He needs prayer to stand firm in his faith in the Lord Jesus.


8.  Some of our high school students are not serious about their studies.  May they understand that they are preparing their future.


9.  Pray for health and good adjustment for the new woman with AIDS.


10.  Pray for the health of all 60 or so children and adults living with AIDS and for Grannies with health issues.


11.  Cost of food is high.  We plan to start raising rabbits.  Please pray they will act like rabbits and will make a real difference in our food budget.  Pray that the person in charge will understand how to care for them well.


12. Pray that funding for Rescue will continue to be strong.