The NGO (Non-Government Organization) Rescue in Cambodia is resourced in part by the 'Place of Rescue Foundation' in Canada.  Rev. Blaine Sylvester,son-in-law of Marie Ens, is the executive director of the foundation, which seeks to raise awareness and financial support for Rescue in Cambodia.  Place of Rescue Foundation is a registered charity and as such can issue tax deductible receipts.
Place of Rescue Foundation is well served by a volunteer board of directors.  (Chairman George Coutts, Joan Carter, Albert Elliott, Emma Emgard, Jay Hubert)
Please contact Blaine Sylvester if you are interested in knowing more about how you can support Rescue or if you would like Marie Ens to visit your church, school or home to speak about the work in Cambodia.


Blaine Sylvester

1 (403) 973 5470

Place of Rescue Foundation

Box 27096 RPO Tuscany, Calgary Alberta T3L 2Y1.